People seek out a psychic medium for many reasons. Some to find clarity about life decisions and others, to help relieve pain over a loved one who has transitioned, or to help them heal from a break-up. The topics are varied and vast. You have to be well versed in these areas of life to be able to speak of them or at least to be able to relate to the core fundamental beliefs. If you are looking for help or support in finding more clarity in your choices, and how to find more freedom in your every day life and expression, you came to the right place.

Riz has decades of experience guiding people through their own self created matrix's until they find their peace. a clairvoyant, medical intuitive, psychic medium and full trance channel, Riz Mirza has vast experience in helping you connect to yourself and others. a powerful network and a highway of communication brings ease to your heart and mind as you will leave more enlightened about your situation, you can find the peace you seek. One-on-one sessions are available, and couples sessions, workshops, retreats and more are available year round. reservations and payments required in advance to hold your date. 


Attention: Starting Jan 1st , 2018 all private sessions with Riz will be held on Skype or by phone. 


Personal Readings

Readings are held by phone or Skype on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 11am to 6pm PST.


One Hour: $250

Half Hour: $150

To book now: email for a prompt reply! Please carefully review terms and conditions before session bookings, your payment is an acceptance of these terms, thank you!

Payments are securely processed online at the time of booking through PayPal using a link we email you after your date and time is chosen. All sessions are non-refundable. 


“Riz is a naturally born psychic medium and has delivered thousands of messages from loved one’s who have crossed over. His ever growing following is enlivened by his accurate readings but his messages are also encoded and delivered in a style that gives people an opportunity to understand their fear and pain and to dissolve any insecurities they may have about the subject. He is a spiritual teacher by nature, and shares how anyone can be their own guru.

Riz Mirza has been one of the best Trance Channels in the world for the last 8 years, he has held over 650 Circle of Lights consecutively every week to the public. He has been compared to Jane Roberts, Esther Hicks, and Edward Casey by the people who have known them and followed their work, they have been intrigued by the likeness and level of accuracy and advanced wisdom that Riz trance channels. He has channeled over 100 guides from his main Message bearer Chief Red Eagle, to known philosophers, presidents, healers, architypes, ‘alien’ groups, teachers, famous icons and inventors.

A Leo entertainer, Riz is also a lifelong musician, performer and writer. He enjoys immensely sharing his abilities with his clients/students and he hosts various workshops, and retreats to help people along in their self discovery of their own enlightenment. Delightfully entertaining and piercingly accurate, has gained him a loyal following that has surpassed any one particular community of study, wisdom is available for all people.”