Retreats & Healing Journeys

Healing Journeys are a sacred all day private session with Riz or his wife Oriah, who are experienced Shamans and can help you clear any blocks and discomfort by guiding you through your deepest experiences and helping you free the painful ones. You will be on top of a beautiful cliff facing the ocean in their home at Red Eagle Ranch, Malibu, CA. Riz and Oriah have been of service to countless people who wanted a deeper connection to their higher selves since 2010. Oriah works in special need only basis with people who need specialized attention.

Riz guides through channeling Red Eagle amongst other guides on some occasions and helps you heal and rejuvenate through sound healing amongst many other extensive and ancient practices. Group journeys are available as well. There are local hotels in Malibu. By personal reference only.

Each time I go to see Riz, I get so much new insight and am so inspired to live my life! I highly recommend Riz to anyone who doesn’t just want to exist, but to LIVE!
Not only live, but do so with fun, love, and magic!
Thank you, Riz! ~J. Guideri


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Let’s kickstart and Re-energize your Life

Past -Best Day Ever All Day Healing Retreats

Start your morning in beautiful Malibu beach, CA being lead by Psychic Medium and Master Channel Riz Mirza with his unique refreshing and soul opening Morning Meditation. You will be guided through the steps of how to recenter and begin your morning, then off to Riz's private residence, Red Eagle Ranch atop a beautiful cliff. The day will be spent with mind-body-soul transformational group sessions, then enjoying delicious organic food and refreshing drinks. As the day unwinds, Riz will guide you in a guided deep trance sound bath concluding with your special evening of trance channeling with personal messages for everyone to wrap up your beautifully re-charged and re-energized day.  Limited space, so RSVP today by clicking image!

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The Retreats below past International Retreats and Malibu Red Eagle Ranch All Day Healing Journeys and past journeys in Joshua Tree and other beautiful So. CA locations.

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Animal Communication

Animal Communication

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Past Events:

In the beautiful and sacred land of Joshua Tree, CA, you will learn how to manifest all that you desire in Life.

Manifesting ABUNDANCE - how to create your dreams as reality and how to aster the Law of Attraction to make more money and remove all blocks that have been holding you back.

Manifesting LOVE- whether you're single or partnered, you will learn how to create a more powerful connection and vibrant love life. 

Creating MAGIC~ Each night at the incredible Circle of Light, Master Psychic Medium and Trance Channel Riz Mirza, will connect you to your spirit guides, give you past life readings and help you develop your own intuition.


~ fully catered delicious cuisine in a completely private and gorgeous desert retreat house on 18 acres of sacred Serrano Indian land

~ jacuzzi and massage by certified bodyworker
~ Sacred Tea Ceremony
~ Sound Bath Healing to recalibrate your energy
~nature hike seeing 4000 year old petroglyphs

This will be a small group and will be a weekend you shall never forget. This is all inclusive and spots are limited so to hear more about it just text me to set up a time to chat.

All inclusive Cost: 
Shared Room: 1650 per person shared room
Private Room: 1850 per person


*Summer Desert Retreats are now on hiatus.