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Riz Mirza is a renowkned psychic medium. Sessions available in person, by phone and skype. Location Malibu, CA


About Riz Mirza and a Q & A

Riz to the right and wife Oriah to the left after a Circle of Light session. Dec 2017

Riz to the right and wife Oriah to the left after a Circle of Light session. Dec 2017


Considered one of the best Trance Channels of our time, Psychic Medium Riz Mirza has transformed thousands of lives, unlocking the deep and powerful mysteries that lie within all of us. During the last decade, Riz has channeled almost 1000 public Circle of Light gatherings with his message bearer Red Eagle, in addition to over 100  Advanced Master Spirit Guides. Through his channeling, he shares an indescribable force of love and a powerfully meaningful approach to life that has inspired many. His highly requested channeling sessions provide an ecstatic atmosphere of rest and rejuvenation, while receiving empowering life healing messages that will create positive change in your life forever.  Join us for this relatable and uniquely introspective experience.



“I was seriously blown away by Red Eagle. I’ve been a metaphysician all my life, and witnessed numerous channels, who, honestly, did not impress me. You’re having channeled Red Eagle gave me a new take on having witnessed a truly inspiring and moving phenomenon.”

— Diana A Aylward

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About Riz

Q & A is at the bottom of the page.

Riz Mirza

By the time he was in his mid 30’s, channeling and mediumship had consumed his life. He ultimately surrendered to trance channeling as a profession after years of witnessing life changing events occurring from the messages he received and delivered to the public. He accepted this was his Divine path and pursued a life that was laid before him by the Sufi masters in his family's history.

He moved to Los Angeles and met his wife Oriah, and they opened Red Eagle Ranch, opening a full time healing practice in in their home in Malibu, CA. As well as holding weekly private Circle of Light channeling events to the public, they also traveled to hundreds of yoga studios in various states and cities where he became well known within the spiritual community for his accuracy and dedication. As word spread, people from out of state would fly to him, to be apart of his sessions, and also have on-going private psychic medium sessions with him. The demand inspired an invitation for him to travel overseas to have his first ever European Channeling event held in Bulgaria. It was the first time Bulgarians had been exposed to trance channeling and it immediately created an interest and a wave of excitement to those who were apart of his packed ten day tour. After Riz opened the doors to trance channeling for the Bulgarian people, many well known spiritual teachers and channels followed suit, further expanding the country’s interest in metaphysical phenomenon. They now have a thriving spiritual community.


Riz has once again been inspired to return to Europe, years later, to visit countries that may not have been fully exposed to trance channeling or metaphysical spiritual messages and teachings on a personal level. Because of the intimate nature of trance channeling to individuals, Riz had opted for this last decade to not be regularly videotaped until now. There is some footage that exists from his earlier channelings online, some audio recordings and a private library of 1000+ channeling circles have been recorded in their entirety. His channeled book, Red Eagle Speaks was channeled by Riz’s main guide, Red Eagle, his main message bearer. He has many books in the works, including a coffee table book with over 200 circles transcribed that is in production. Mainly of his channeled messages have been published in Sedona Journal, the premiere magazine for metaphysical education. He has had various radio guest appearances. Many ‘guest’ speaker guides usually speak before Red Eagle channels, including:


  • Archangel Michael

  • Tesla

  • Kepler

  • Elijah

  • Isaiah

  • Emmanuel

  • Thomas Jefferson

  • Serapis Bay

  • Edgar Allan Poe

  • Shakespeare

  • Eleazar

  • Hippocrates

  • Elohim

  • Merlin

  • Gabriel

  • Sebastian Bach

  • Paul Revere

  • Copernicus

  • St. Andrew

  • Phineas

  • Philos

  • Cerrienunos

  • Helios

  • Agamemnon

  • Demetrius

  • Jeremiah

  • Caravaggio

  • Midas

  • “The Friends” Alien Group

  • Archangel Gabriel

  • Thomas Edison

  • King Arthur

  • The Echelon

  • Bach

  • Cerrennunos

  • Titus

...amongst many others. Riz is excited to share these Universal messages were personal transformation and metaphysical teachings are growing more and more popular everyday in countries across Europe. Through his strong and warm approach, each audience member feels inspired and captivated to make the changes they need to life the life they have been waiting for.

Q & A

Many people ask how Riz became a trance channel and psychic medium. They want to know was he born with with his ability, did he study, did he have a mentor?

Here’s the answers to those questions.

Q: Was he born with his abilities?

A: He doesn’t know if he was born with this ability, but it definitely feels like it, since it was automatic and no training was involved.

Q: What was Riz like? His personality?

A: Riz’s natural demeanor and personality has always been curious and leaning towards a more spiritual side of life as a young man, but he did not look to be a trance channel or a psychic medium. He was a heavy metal guitarist in a band for ten years as one of the lead singers New York City. He spent time studying the arts and tried to make it as a successful heavy metal band, during this time his mother and brother died which halted many things in his life. He went into a deep depression and although he continued working in the arts and traveling the world, it was a surprise when he started channeling. He had been fore-warned by a channeling circle he was invited to. He wanted to know about his music career, and a well-known channel, Alex Murray channeled to him that Riz himself will be doing exactly what he does, trance channeling.

Q: How did he start Trance Channeling?

A: He was in denial and disbelief about his message from Alex until one day, he himself began channeling-first with his eyes closed and not remembering what happened to him afterwards. The people in front of him would have to tell him what happened. They were very moved but what was said to them. Then with more control, later, he had his eyes open. He has channeled hundreds of guides including many ‘alien’ sentient beings and groups since then.

Q: What type of Trance Channel is Riz?

A: He is a ‘full trance channel’, and is fully mobil in his body, meaning he can use all of his body with his eyes open.

Q: What about his psychic mediumship?

A: His psychic mediumship he experienced as a child, when he saw energy imprints/signatures and heard names and saw faces of people in other realms. He was always accurate with his messages, and his career began by accident.

Q: Did Riz study with anyone or have any formal training?

A: Riz did not study with any groups, teachers, learn any techniques, or he did not immerse himself in the channeling world.

Q: How does Riz condition himself?

A: He spends his time traveling, playing with his 5 step children and wife, he hosts weekly channeling gatherings and provides one-one-sessions and yearly retreats to India, Egypt and the Islands.

Q: Does he get to pick who channels through him?

A: He does not choose who channels through him and how he was introduced to Chief Red Eagle, a Native American Chief from the 1800’s, was one day through automatic writing Red Eagle spelled his name and said hello. He has become his gate keep and main message bearer since then.

Q: Does Riz have a special affiliation with Native American’s or Tribal cultures?

A: Riz always loved studying and learning about many cultures, but made no special attempt to be surrounded by Native Americans or tribal cultures.

Q: What does Riz do besides being a trance channel?

A: He loves music, technology and creativity. He is interested in ufology and pop culture. He believes we are the future channeling to our present day selves for spiritual advancement of our species. He is creating a body of work that will be presented in late 2019-2020.

Q: Is Riz considered a Spiritual Healer?

A: He is a very serious Shamanic healer but is in the forefront of wanting to break the walls and illuminate the stigma of trance channeling as being a very unusual practice to main stream people. His desire and goal is to bring immersive technology, contemporary understanding about this ancient practice to this masses. After spending years also channeling in large private group healing desert retreats and in tee pees, he is wanting to bring immersive technology to mainstream media through technology in every form so all will benefit.