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Red Eagle Ranch, home of Riz & Oriah Mirza where sessions are held

Red Eagle Ranch, home of Riz & Oriah Mirza where sessions are held


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"Oriah Mirza your description of the circle (on FB) is spot on and so beautifully expressed. The Circle of Light is a one-of-a-kind experience. Truly life changing. After attending for over 2.5 years, I am barely just beginning the work, yet it has given me SO much! I am grateful to be able to learn from you,Riz Mirza and Red-Eagle."

~Barbara, Los Angeles



"Thank you so much for this message.  What an experience and thank you for being the guide/teacher, soul that you are expressing fully in this world now! I had a bit of a breakdown today.  A lot of fear about being "big" and also the responsibility that you and those like you have. You are a gem! Thank you!!!"

~Elle, california




" It's been life changing for me."~Jessie, California



"I've had a handful of Circle of lights with the one and only Riz and red eagle!! He is very intuitive, smart, loving, and so right on!! He knows who you were ,are ,and wil be. He will only share if the time is right, very intuitive!! My husband and I look forward to seeing Riz and a sence of clearing and grounding happens after a session with Riz, He is the real thing and very clear that he is chosen to be here to guide and give us messages. He is a gift and I feel so blessed our paths has crossed.

~Sanaz, California




"I have been traveling up to Red Eagle Ranch for over two years now...

...attending the Circle of Light many times, along with individual sessions with Riz, individual sessions with Oriah, & workshops. 

Connecting with the Circle of Light & the tribe at Red Eagle Ranch has opened my life up in so many beautiful ways.  

This is a magical, intimate, sacred experience.

My perspective has shifted...I have changed the way I view the world. 

I used to be afraid... life was a struggle.

Now the world feels safe, welcoming, & beautiful.  

Life is a celebration.  

I believe in myself in new ways.

I love myself more now than I can ever consciously remember...

I feel reconnected to myself in a way I had been longing for...

I feel as though I can achieve anything.

The possibilities are infinite.

Countless, endless blessings to Riz, Oriah, & the tribe up at Red Eagle Ranch.

I am honored to be a part of this. "


-KG, California 



"Thank you for your loving nature and steadfastness. I find it very easy to receive direction and reminders from you because you are so loving and gentle. "

~Marideth, California



"Riz is an amazing person Who is truly gifted. I lost my grandfather who was very close to me. I had no closure and lived with regret everyday for four years. Two minutes into my meeting he was able to channel my grandfather. He was saying things no one would know but my grandfather and I. I laughed and cried the whole time. It was a life changing experience that I will never forget. I have referred a hand full of people to him and they are all blown away. Don't hesitate to make an appointment do it now! You will be so happy you did!!!"

~Kendall, California



“This weekend's retreat was nothing less than life altering and soul shifting. What an absolute gift to be in the presence of so many powerful women that surrendered to their own beauty and magic... To watch them unravel and release and then powerfully create themselves all over again. My life was completely transformed. I'm counting down the days until the next retreat in March! Thank you Oriah Mirza for leading us, guiding us through all of our wormholes, our matrix's and bringing us back home to ourselves.”

~Cheryl, New Mexico



"Quite honestly, I do not write reviews. Restaurants, locations, etc. But after having a personal Reading with Riz, I was astound and received slight closure I needed. I booked a reading with Riz seeking to find a medium with a skeptical state of mind. My boyfriend had died suddenly and I needed any grieving person's question answered. I booked a reading without informing Riz of who I was, why I had scheduled a reading. I gave him my common last name, not my business one and expected a cold reading. The man had me in tears giving me quotes, names, and detailed locations of my boyfriend.  Even things I didn't know of my boyfriend his own family had to confirm. His humble personality and actual gift should be embraced. Please arrive with a skeptical state of mind and make your own decisions. I recommend a reading with him 100%."

Stacy, California



“My friends, Oriah and Riz Mirza will each be hosting an exciting 3 day retreat in Joshua tree. These amazing people have taught me so much about magic, being in my own magic, being myself, creating from complete love and freedom in my life opening up my creativity in ways I never thought imaginable and attracting and sharing with other wizards, that I cannot speak highly enough of them. They are big love. If you want to learn how to bring more love into your life, explore your own wizardry and attract more magic into your life, these retreats are for you.”

~Amy, California



"Riz is the real deal. I've had a private session with him and I have also been to a couple of his circles. He is always right on target with what he receives. If you are willing to really listen and hear the messages, you won't be disappointed."

~Lisa, California


“You are fierce in your commitment to self and love.  I hope to see you this evening and look forward to it!  Thank you with all of my heart!”

~Christine, California



"What an amazingly profound evening thank you for your service."

~Kavi, California



"Thank you Lady O for being pure magic, LOVE and having the valor to show us the beauty of truth and expression. Words don't suffice to explain the upgrade the fun and the majesty that is... Can't wait for the next one."

~Jenny, California



"Every experience I have had with Riz in The Circle of Light has been a true delight and amazing experience. The entire session is full of love, guidance, amazing information, healing words and answers and surprising revelations. I feel as if I have been transforming in such an enlightened, patient and excepting way with each Circle of light I have attended. I have learned so many things that I have implemented into my life on a daily basis and my relationship with both myself, my friends, and spirit guides have grown in such a positive and beautiful way. I have better learned how to connect or not ignore my intuition and be present as well as feel my connections with my spirit guides. There is no better gift in my opinion to be graced with the presence of the pure divine and be able to speak directly with them. My human and spiritual being has evolved tremendously thanks to Riz!"

~Rachel, California



"Thank you Riz for an amazing and revelatory experience last night!!"

~Paulo, California



"I sat in on a private session I bought as a Christmas gift for my mother after she attended his "Circle of Light." Mirza is amazing.  He picked up on two exact names of family members and my sister's profession. My mom felt very comforted connecting to her deceased father.  He even channeled some of her pets. And the man himself is very gracious and welcoming.  The session was casual and his space was clean, bright, and happy. No negative or "heavy" energy that is attached to some occult professionals. He inspires a sense of ease and positivity. It is definitely a psychic experience you can be comfortable bringing your mother or child to. All around, it was amazing. Whether you are seriously seeking spiritual counsel or just want a fun and unique gift, everyone can take away something from a private session. And as a side-bonus: He is very handsome."

~Cherry, California



"It was magical!" 

~Joanne, Arizona



"The retreat this weekend was life changing and magnificent. What an incredible gift to share this with a group of women so passionate and beautiful. Thank you to everyone who came this weekend and so looking forward to the next retreat in March!!"

~Erin, California



"So amazing!"~Cheryl, California



"I miss you all! I'm looking forward to my next Circle, hopefully soon! xoxo Since the very first circle I was forever changed just as you say Oriah<3 Lots of Love to you both and the Tribe!"

~Kaylee, California



"Wow!! Thank you. I honestly had the best experience and am grateful that through this I got to learn from you, from all the women's stories and I believe I got a glimpse of the beautiful soul that you possess. I am in awe of all you have been through in your life and to see the strength and honesty in you now. Thank you for sharing this all with me and for making me feel so supported the entire time. I feel like a "newbee" in the group but am excited to continue on this path with you and Riz. I definitely want to work with you more regularly.”

~Barbara, California



"Today is so awesome!!! 😃 Such an amazing and beautiful day of connection, magick, and synchronicity! Thank you Riz Mirza and Oriah Mirza for stopping by Enchanted Shop (Salem, MA)! It was wonderful to see you! Thank you for an amazing reading, Riz! And thank you for an excellent reading Heather! So much love and gratitude!"

~Rachel, Salem


"I love Yoga Soup's events, especially Psychic Medium Riz Mirza 'Circle of Light' ! He is the highlight of this beautiful space."
~Sara, California



"Among the most magical times of my life!."~Katherine, California



"Transformation and soul work are not for sissies! They require deep sensitivity and softness, wrapped with enough steel-plated chutzpah to blaze authentically through a fierce and ever-changing world. Keeping hope, passion, creativity, and connection alive beside the copy-cat drones of mediocrity is not easy. Yet, it happens with Riz and Red Eagle, torchbearer Oriah beside them, on your side.  The Circle of Light is where your soul climbs out of your chest, looks you dead in the eye, and says "What are you waiting for? This is why we are here, and let ME tell you what we are going to do next!"  The words may come through Riz, but the voice is of that part of you who is ready to be seen and heard and known in this world! Attending a Circle is like a receiving cosmic smack on the head to wake up to your potential, and then you get an all-encompassing hall pass, the permission to go and fully live that potential. Sissies beware. All others, be ready to rip your life open and never look back!"

~Cheryl M, Utah



"This weekend was a wonderful, eye opening gift. Before this weekend I told myself that if I don't feel any better within six months, I was going to try to end things. I had given up on caring about the fallout. I see things differently now. So differently. Community is a powerful thing. Life altering. Thank you. I know I still have a multitude of issues to work through/heal and transform. What happened for so many people including me was just incredible, Oriah. I'm sure that sentiment is echoed by all.  You grabbing me and pulling me into your healing and much needed embrace was and is more than anyone has ever done for me. No one has ever fought for me, Oriah. No one. Ever. For that I will be eternally grateful and will honor your heart and soul forever. "One love" 

~Beth, San Diego


“I was seriously blown away by Red Eagle. I’ve been a metaphysician all my life, and witnessed numerous channels, who, honestly, did not impress me. You're having channeled Red Eagle gave me a new take on having witnessed a truly inspiring and moving phenomenon.”

-Diana , California



"Just wanted to thank your warmth and hospitality, Oriah. The Circle last Tuesday was wonderful and your home carries such a beautiful energy that I’m still feeling it. Hugs and blessings to you both :)”

~Vicki, California



Riz and Oriah are a Powerhouse Couple that you will always cherish having met and learned from – so do not hesitate if you are reading this as a measure of whether to attend ANY one of their many scheduled events. You will have no regrets and MEMORIES to CHERISH that TOUCH your HEART in meaningful and memorable ways !

One of the MOST outstanding “traits” that I most admire about my dear friends Riz and Oriah, is that they SEEK OUT and JUST LOVE to HAVE FUN at ANY opportunity. When you attend any one of their events – it is ALWAYS a barrel of fun!

They also Love and Respect and ENCOURAGE in others  by simply being a SHINING, LIVING EXAMPLE; but aside from their IMMEDIATE family, they also make YOU … Feel Like Family whenever you are with or near them!

~Dennis, Joshua Tree


"I just wanted to thank you and Riz for coming out on Monday evening and giving us a wonderful night and experience. We absolutely loved it."

~Laura, Woodland Hills


"I have hosted many circles at my house and after each evening I am blown away by the words that come out of Red Eagle. I have watched many peoples lives completely shift into a clearer, more positive direction full of joy and inner peace after having been to a circle of light gathering. Riz Mirza is using his gift in amazing ways to benefit others well being and spiritual evolution. I hope that in some way everyone will have the opportunity to be touched by him. I feel truly blessed to have Riz and Oriah in my life."   

~  Bree, Topanga, CA


"Another amazing circle!...as always. Thank you Oriah and Riz for this gift to us all."

~Barbara S, LA


"Light ✨ and Love 💕 continue to grow with each moment we recognize the magic that we are and the magic that surrounds us 🙏🏼 Thank You Riz!"

~Susan H, LA


"Thank you so much for the amazing “magical “ experience ♥️🙏 learned so much and I felt the magic!

~Bahareh, LA


"What a Beautiful night!!! Thanks for all the positive energy and laughter! 😅😅"

~Leon W, LA


"Riz, I want to express my sincere gratitude for the guidance that you have shown me. I truly feel that I have re-embarked on the path that I was always meant to partake and could not be any clearer or happier about it. Thank you for your light and your guidance. 🙏🙏"

~Rana M, LA



"I love the messages that come through!!"

~Michelle B, LA


"Thank you Riz Mirza!! Such a blessing and the timing of the message was perfect as always. I am so grateful to call you friend. The guidance is soooo appreciated! Wishing you and your family many Blessings 💖🌈💫🌟🌺 Cheers to Love & all that comes with it!"

~Michelle M, LA


Personal testimonial from Oriah Mirza

"The Circle of Light-The single most powerful, intense truthful, mind blowing information avail on the planet.

I spent the first 18 years+ as a die hard Christian, 5 years in motivational training, 7 intense consecutive years at Landmark Education...it wasn't until the Circle of Light, channeled by Riz Mirza did I really find out what I was doing moment to moment and why, how to listen, how to really see and that includes the distinctions of what is a projection, a perception, a judgement, a core belief, patterns, addictions, lies, hiding from yourself and life.

All the training and development and information I had prior got me to the gate, the doorway of my self awareness. I had spent 37 years trying to understand myself and my choices. But never finding effortless peace.

It wasn't until I sat and listened to these amazing graceful channeled guides from other dimensions-other energies-who knows maybe our future selves...did I actually start to understand the depths and complexities of the Being.

Landmark says they are Ontology, the study of Being, and for the most part I will say it was the biggest clearing of entanglement I had come across. But I was not peaceful. It was still "work".

The information that I receive is seamless, instant and deeply coded. What that means is when you first hear it, you think you understand it at first blush, but when you sit with it later...you will see it's like a time release capsule. It goes deeper than you can ever imagine. You really get to see who You are. What your creating and own what you like and don't like about it. Then you have an opportunity to choose differently.

I can probably write a book about what I have experienced being married to one of the greatest Channels and Psychic Mediums in the world. It would take me forever and the book would never be done.

The circle has bridged the gap and explained what confusion, mental fog, depression, limits, sadness, anger, hostility, and all the negative emotions really are.

You actually "feel" as you learn, no dogma, no rhetoric, no memorization, no chanting, only real time information happening in the very moment you are experiencing it.

I have watched for way over 650 circles how people leave. Some have the light of God beaming in their eyes, floating on air, others feel confronted and know they have deep work to do but one thing is for sure they never leave not totally effected.

I wish I can explain what I have learned. It seems not enough time or space here on FB to write it all out. Yes maybe a book is calling. How and where would I begin? From the first session when my dad and grandfather came through and told me things only I would know causing me to cry for the first time in seven years?

Or the unfathomable grace and depth of God/higher power/higher intelligence which they constantly remind us is us? Do I explain how I learned how to listen only after I had to learn to surrender and accept all my creations, every mood, every emotion...everything was my choosing? Or maybe I can talk about the fantastic journey of learning what an addiction is, and how it plays out literally sabotaging and creating difficulties that are too ridiculous to mention?

There were so many stages. Disbelief, shock, and then empowerment. This is after decades of the most amazing psychological introspection and meaningful information and application. And still I didn't know how to trust myself. Well, I do now, and I must say the Circle of Light has been the best bet, the best choice I could have ever done for myself.

I wish I can just open a Skype session and simply answer questions to people who want to attend, people who just started and for people who have been coming for years.

I was blessed enough to be in the home with the channel and could ask questions until I learned how to communicate with other energies myself. This may be too much to grasp, and that's ok. There's a lot of information out here on the web, but if you can find peace through it...do it. Whether you rock out as a DJ in a club or come to a Tuesday night circle, it's all God."

From Riz:

Thank you my love - For once I don't have the words! 😀and thank u to all of you whom have written their loving feelings about The Circle. 

It's been a decade of amazing memories and deep transformations including for myself. Each week I see all of your faces and your powerful sense of purpose and unwavering heart to live Bigger and brighter and release your fears. And remember What you are - LOVE! 

You take the messages and run with it- decoding very layered messages with heart and soul.  Thank YOU all for sharing yourselves and being here with us on The Path. Together we do it. Always. Here's to many more Circles of Light!



Every Tuesday evening, The Circle of Light happens under the Malibu Canyon’s moon and stars at Red Eagle Ranch, the magical home of Psychic Medium Riz Mirza and Oriah Mirza. Most full moon circles, it is held outside, so bring a blanket or pillow! Receive powerful and insightful answers to any questions about your Life. Feel a new sense of freedom and perspective.

Riz enters into a deep trance and leaves his physical body as master Spirit Guides speak through him with love, wisdom and powerful piercing insight. His main message bearer, Chief Red Eagle an unforgettable loving presence, answers your personal questions on any aspect of your life.

$40 per person

RSVP to get address by emailing or texting us at:

TEXT: 310-924-5198 OR 310-460-9474

Riz Mirza is a naturally born psychic medium and has delivered thousands of messages from loved one’s who have crossed over. His ever growing following is enlivened by his accurate readings but his messages are also encoded and delivered in a style that gives people an opportunity to understand their fear and pain and to dissolve any insecurities they may have about the subject. He is a spiritual teacher by nature, and shares how anyone can be their own guru.

Riz Mirza has been one of the best Trance Channels in the world for the last 8 years, he has held over 650 Circle of Lights consecutively every week to the public. He has been compared to Jane Roberts, Esther Hicks, and Edward Casey by the people who have known them personally and followed their work, they have been intrigued by the likeness and level of accuracy and advanced wisdom that Riz trance channels. He has channeled over 100 guides from his main message bearer Chief Red Eagle, to known philosophers, presidents, healers, archetypes, ‘alien’ groups, teachers, famous icons and inventors.

An Leo entertainer, Riz is also a lifelong musician, performer and writer. He enjoys immensely sharing his abilities with his clients/students and he hosts various workshops, and retreats to help people along in their self discovery of their own enlightenment. Delightfully entertaining and piercingly accurate, has gained him a loyal following that has surpassed any one particular community of study, wisdom and is available for all people.
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